About Step into Tech

Our children are growing up in a world that is being transformed by technology, with exciting opportunities for those who can use tech and for society as a whole. Technology matters to every child, whether they are the coders and makers of the future or simply need to understand how technology can help them achieve their own personal goals.

But dealing with this new technology brings challenges. Parents find it difficult to know whether they should be encouraging their children to get more involved with tech or preventing them having too much screen time. Few parents or teachers have the time, the experience and the expertise needed to help children make the most of what is available while also staying safe online.

Meanwhile, employers in every sector are crying out for new employees who have the right skills to develop and use new technologies.
Helping all our children reach their full tech potential.

Step into Tech is a new social enterprise founded in November 2016 to make sure we are doing all we can to help all our children reach their full tech potential. Our steering group brings together parents, educators, employers and tech specialists.

We have three key aims:

  • To build connections across the community to make it easier for everyone – parents, teachers, tech clubs and other support providers – to work together in supporting our children.

  • To inspire our young people to see their potential and want to make the most of it; and to inspire parents and educators to support them in this.

  • To identify – and where necessary develop – resources that help parents and teachers provide the right support for each individual child. This will include guidance offering inspiration and explanations for young people and their parents, best practice materials for teachers, and an online directory of tech-related workshops and other opportunities

Our initial focus is on East Anglia. We will later roll out what we have learnt and created across the country.
Whether you want to be actively involved, have ideas to share or access to funding, or simply want to be kept informed, please let us know.